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Wandsworth Dental Centre, Denplan

Denplan is the UK's leading dental health care company.

At Wandsworth Dental Centre With Denplan your fixed monthly payments help you to budget for regular, affordable preventive dental care, without the fear of costly and unexpected bills.

The 2015 fees range from £13 — £49.56 per month. The direct debit is paid directly to Denplan and helps you to cover the cost of dental treatment and maintenance as well as giving you brilliant peace of mind.

As a Denplan member you have a monthly payment to cover all the routine care and treatment needed to keep teeth and gums healthy. At Wandsworth Dental Centre we Offer Two type of Denplan Products as Follows.

Denplan Essentials, Includes routine care from your dentist, includingdental checkups, dental x-rays and hygiene treatment.

Maintenance preventive dental care every 6 months, which includes:

  •  Examination and All necessary diagnostic tests (radiographs) every 6 months
  •  Two dental hygienist Visits per year
  • 10% of all private fees and in-house dental specialist treatments
  • Priority booking
  • Preventive dental advice
  • Supplementary Insurance arranged by Denplan, which provides you with a worldwide dental injury and dental emergency cover and access to Denplan s 24-hour worldwide dental emergency help line.

As a mandatory part of your dental payment plan, Denplan arranges Supplementary Insurance for you. It provides you with cover towards the cost of eligible dental treatment received as a result of a dental injury or dental emergency, both in the UK and abroad.

Denplan Care From £15.71 Monthly

Includes restorative care from your dentist, including fillings, root canal treatment, crowns, and bridges (excluding lab fees)

  • Dental examinations
  • Dental hygiene visits
  • Dental x-rays
  • Necessary White fillings 
  • Necessary extractions
  • Periodontal treatment
  • Preventive dental advice and therapy
  • Crowns, dentures, and bridgework (excluding lab fees)
  • Root canal treatment

The monthly amount is determined by an examination of your mouth. The amount you pay depends on a number of factors, including how many fillings, root fillings and crowns you have.

A special examination of your mouth by your dentist gives us the information we need to tell you what your level of payment will be.

During the current year, 2016, the monthly amounts (£) for the five payment brands are as follows:

A: £ 15.71 B: £ 23.98 C: £ 32.64 D: £ 40.51 E: £ 49.56


As an illustration, a person with an average number of fillings and healthy gums may be in band B or C.
Someone with a number of root filled teeth and/or crowns and bridges could be in D or E.

There are some items that Denplan Care does not cover, for example, laboratory fees and cosmetic treatment.

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